Jonathan Y. Ai

Since passing the bar in 1998, Mr. Ai’s practice, which focuses on litigation, has flourished. Less than a year and a half after his graduation from law school, Mr. Ai had his first reported case regarding Maryland’s Dram Shop Act/Social Host Liability (In re Estate of Wright, 131 Md. App. 466; 749 A.2d 241, 2000 ). Some other notables include:

In  late 2000, the Chinese World Journal Newspaper recognized Mr. Ai for his work in immigration law and specifically in the area of INA 245(i). 

In early 2001, Mr. Ai, without litigation, successfully negotiated the settlement of a multi-million dollar civil action alleged on behalf of a an employee of a major metropolitan construction company.  

In early 2003, in a case which generated international media attention, Mr. Ai successfully defended a young woman whose alleged criminal actions caused the shutdown of San Francisco's International Airport.  

In March of 2004, Mr. Ai spoke on a legal panel ("Legal Advice for Free") at the 19th Annual Winter Music Conference located in Miami Beach, Florida. 

In May of 2005, Mr. Ai was a panelist at the 110th Annual Montgomery County Bar Association Law Day Conference. As a panelist, Mr. Ai's discussion focused on Criminal Law/Immigration Law and the pitfalls that foreign nationals defendants face. 

In October of 2005, Mr. Ai, along with A&A Client Sten Hallstrom (DJ Stonebridge), spoke on the "USA-European Connections" Panel at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in Amsterdam, Holland.  

In 2007, and after nearly two years of litigation, Mr. Ai, along with Vison & Elkins,  successfully struck down 8 C.F.R. 1003.2(d), by way of a published 4th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion.  This landmark decision in Immigration Law lifted the jurisdictional  bar on physically removed aliens to petition the Board of Immigration of Appeals (BIA), in the future, if just cause arises.  

Sadly, in 2009, despite the 2007 4th Circuit landmark decision, the BIA declined to reopen A&A's client's case, instead deciding this time that "finality" now bars him from seeking relief. A&A and Vinson & Elkins have already remarshalled the troops and brought this case back to the 4th Circuit.  

Along with these  professional contributions and achievements, Mr. Ai’s continued dedication to the study of and practice of law has resulted in an alliance of international and domestic corporate clients. Ai & Associates, P.C. has developed into a strong private practice with the competitive skill to successfully litigate against some of the largest firms in the world.

Mr. Ai practices in front of both State  and Federal Courts.  At the Federal level, Mr. Ai has worked in front of  the U.S. District Courts in New York, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania; his work also includes practice in front of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. At the state level, Mr. Ai has appeared in and litigated commercial cases in Manhattan’s New York Supreme Court, New Jersey’s Superior Court, as well as appellate work in front of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Lastly, on behalf of his immigration clientele, Mr. Ai appears in front of USCIS Courts in Maryland, Virginia, New York and even California.

Mr. Ai was admitted to the Maryland Bar in 1998, the U.S. District Court, District of Maryland in 2000, the U.S. District Court, District of Columbia in 2008, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in 2003. He is a member of American Bar Association, the Montgomery County Bar Association, and the Maryland State Bar Association.


A&A strives to establish not only excellent client relationships, but also honest results based on sound legal principles and theories. A former client of Mr. Ai was quoted as saying, “Mr. Ai is a brave and courageous attorney, who is unafraid of a challenging case.” Another client wrote, “[w]e were destined to have you as our attorney.” 

Another client recently wrote, "thank you very much for all the work that you did. I appreciate all your help through my [domestics] proceedings & INS proceedings. I am glad it is all over."

Still another client wrote, "I just wanted to say thank  you for everything ... this is the happiest I am in the last two years. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and please extend my greetings to everybody that work[ed] on my husband's case.""

Further, in a published opinion, Chief Justice Moylan of the Court of Special Appeals in Maryland opened his opinion by stating that Mr. Ai argued his client’s appellate case with “commendable candor.” See In Re Wright, 131 Md.App. 466, 749 A.2d 241 (2000).