Lisa H. Cho


Ms. Cho’s contributions to A & A have garnered great respect from A & A clients. A recent immigration client informed us that Ms. Cho, “[D]oes good work!” 

While another entertainment client expressed, “this is really a great relief, thanks to the hard work of [Ms. Cho.]” 

A first-time O-2 Visa recipient wrote, "[j]ust received my passport with 3-year visa, "[t]hank you very much for everything !!!!!!"

Yet another example of Mrs. Cho's contributions. In a  a contentious domestics case involving a foreign national divorcee, Mrs. Cho's work lead to the removal of A&A's client's  "conditional" permanent residency. Upon success, the client wrote,  "[t]hank you very much for all the work you did. I am glad it is all over."

And, just recently, newly minted O-1b Visa recipients, wrote, "Every[thing was] very, very easy and cool. We are very happy !!! Thanks so much for your help !"